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Addressing Short Term Rentals

Amendment Checklist

Annual Meeting Checklist

Architectural Precedents: How to Deal Rationally and Effectively with Your Community’s Architectural Precedents

Boards Beware: The EPA Can Come Calling!

Condominium Alert: FHA Single Unit Approvals Coming in October!

Don’t Trip Over Georgia Tree Liability

Essential Roles and Duties: A Guide for Community Association Board of Directors

Everything You Wanted to Know About Fines… And More

Fine Collectability: How to Ensure Fines are Properly Authorized

Fiscal Fitness

Georgia Community Associations: The Duty of Care of Association Directors and Officers

Georgia HOAs: Now is the Time to Submit to the Georgia Property Owners’ Association Act!

Homeowner Bankruptcy: The Five Things Your Board Must Know When an Owner in Your Community Files Bankruptcy

Statute of Limitations to Stop a Covenant Violation

The Right Way to Take Meeting Minutes

Water, Water, Everywhere… and Who Do You Think is Gonna Pay?

We’ve Decided to Foreclose… Now What?

What Records Should We Keep




44.3.107 Insurance

Transition Checklist

Conflicting Interest Transactions 

Corporate Records

 Look Before You Leap 

Roles, Responsibilities, Duties and Obligations for Board Members

Standards of Conduct 

Covenant Enforcement During Crisis

Putting Community Back in Community Associations

Understanding Your Community Association Financials



Georgia Secretary of State: Corporations Division

Georgia Chapter Community Associations Institute (CAI)

Community Associations Institute (CAI National)



Association Meetings during the COVID19 Pandemic

Coronavirus What Should Homeowner and Condominium Associations Do

Guidance for ReOpening Association Amenities and Extension of Georgia Public Health Emergency

Mandates for Gyms and Fitness Centers Allowed to Reopen

NowackHoward Is Here for Your Community

Collections Webinar and QA

Federal Disaster Relief Loans May be Available for Community Associations

Covid FAQ Pandemic in Community Association HOA Lawyers

Gov Kemp Order HOA Attorney Condominium Amenities


Course Materials



Welcome to the Board – January 15, 2020
Board of Directors Roles and Responsibilities
Welcome to the Board



Collections 101 – March 20, 2019
Board of Directors Collection Toolkit
Board Education Course Materials

Advanced Collections (Bankruptcy, Foreclosure & Tax Liens) – April 17, 2019
Advanced Collections (Bankruptcy, Foreclosure & Tax Liens) 

Insurance – May 15, 2019

Understanding Your Financials – June 19, 2019
Understanding Your Community’s Financials
Creating a Treasurer Handbook

Mastering Association Meetings – September 18, 2019
Mastering Association Meetings

Hot Topics – October 16, 2019
Hot Topics




Understanding  Georgia License Law – February 13, 2020
Understanding Georgia License Law
Case Study on Georgia License Law


Advanced Collections & Covenant Enforcement – April 18, 2019
Advanced Collections & Covenant Enforcement 

Financials, Budgets & Contracts – May 2, 2019
Financials, Budgets & Contracts

Understanding  Georgia License Law – August 8, 2019
Understanding Georgia License Law
Case Study on Georgia License Law

Hot Topics – September 12, 2019
Hot Topics

Anniversary Luncheon – October 17, 2019




Condominium and HOA Collections During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Ask a Community Association Attorney: Dealing with Covenant Violations During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Look for the Helpers: A Board’s Role in the COVID-19 Crisis

COVID-19 HOA Q&A: Insight from Georgia Homeowners Association Lawyers

Association Meetings during COVID-19 Pandemic

The 4 Crucial Duties of Condo Board Members

Common Mistakes to Avoid

Condominium ALERT: FHA Single Unit Approvals Coming Soon!

Solid Waste Fees for City of Atlanta Condominiums and Townhomes Going Up

Don’t Get Burned this Summer by your Pool Rules

Renew Your Vows to your Association this Spring

Great Time to Make a Game Plan

New Year’s Resolutions

Directors and Officers Insurance Reporting

The Role of the Community Association Treasurer

The Role of the Community Association Secretary

The Role of Community Association President

Who’s in Charge

Insurance Coverage “Checklist”

Annual Membership Meeting Cheat-Sheet

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